The Conundrum Group can handle the legal needs of any business, including complicated transactions, litigation or other disputes with third parties.  With more than two decades of experience in complex commercial litigation representing business interests in a wide range of projects and disputes throughout the nation, the lawyers in the Group bring a tough but sensible approach to the big picture resolution of business opportunities, challenges and conflicts.

Whether representing high net worth individuals, entrepeneurs, family and closely held companies. or other private businesses, the Group has experience with the entire business investment cycle from inception to conclusion.  This constituency and deal practice focus allows the Group to develop close working relationships with client decision makers and to understand the personality driven components of privately held business interests. 

As small business owners themselves, the Kahns have a unique ability to understand client legal and financial concerns.  With that said, Benjamin Kahn also has represented Fortune 500 and many other publicly traded companies on a wide range of business and commercial litigation matters as well.  He has handled individual business matters involving hundreds of millions of dollars and all told has prosecuted or defended business litigation claims in excess of a billion total dollars.

The Conundrum Group’s clients can apply Ben’s experience with complex commercial matters to their own business needs or disputes.  The Group will continue to provide a wealth of business transaction and litigation experience with respect to every phase of a client investment, but with an old fashioned attention to detail and a tempered fee structure.