The Conundrum Group is a law firm based on guiding principles requiring the highest levels of professionalism, a focus on client relationships and creative problem solving.  The Conundrum Group represents a conscious effort to redefine the traditional practice of law so that there is more emphasis on value-adding professional services and viable client end games.  The Group is committed to helping businesses and families improve and thrive, even when confronted with the most difficult legal problems.  

The Conundrum Group is philosophically different from other law firms or partnerships.  Access to information through technology has eroded traditional advantages, while dynamic IT standards often reward smaller and more nimble practices.  Moreover, changes in technology reinforce that the most discerning clients demand premium counsel without a weighty service platform.  

The Conundrum Group has embraced these trends, and aims to do things differently so that clients get problems solved efficiently and the lawyer/client focus always remains on strengthening long term relationships.  The Conundrum Group can achieve these goals through a unique combination of sophisticated experience and a billing structure that reflects modern sensibilities. 

The practice of the Conundrum Group stretches across Colorado and the entire West, but is centered on the smaller micro-economies of Aspen, Breckenridge, Gunnison and Salida.  The Group focuses on solving legal and financial problems or needs relating to business, real estate, natural resources, trademark, and family matters for an established client base.  The Group can help such clients structure a complicated transaction, litigate matters through conclusion, or even provide neutral mediation services.  The Conundrum Group’s practice will always be guided by its core professional values, a unique ability to think outside the box on a macro level and a strong commitment to the community.  

We look forward to working with you on achieving your legal goals.